Jobs & Economy

We can build a smarter economy that values the health and quality of life of our people first. We need to be bold and make long-term investments in people and infrastructure that will improve our health, kickstart our economy, and give our keiki a promising future. Our communities will benefit, and we will create new jobs and a thriving economy.

1. Smarter tourism

  • Implement green visitor fees for sustainable tourism
    Implementing ideas like green visitor fees that will help preserve our natural resources, and supporting community-based tourism management plans like in Haena and Hanauma Bay will allow us to be better stewards of those resources.
  • Attract higher quality visitors
    Ten million visitors a year put incredible stress on our infrastructure, our environment, and our quality of life. We need to reorient our tourism industry to attract less total visitors but more high end visitors who will spend more per person, and those who share our values of safety, shared responsibility, and protecting Hawaii’s environment.

2. Invest in innovation and technology 

  • Upgrade IT systems
    Upgrade IT systems across state government to provide better and more efficient services, improve communication with citizens, and set an example that our state can be on the cutting edge of technology.
  • Focus on Green Tech
    We will invest city resources into technology opportunities where the state can reduce waste, lower greenhouse emissions, and improve efficiencies in the following areas: energy consumption and production, waste processing, water treatment, traffic management and predictive analytics, and alternative building materials and treatments. 
  • Hawaii Small Business Innovation Fund
    We will create a fund for Hawaii entrepreneurs and small businesses creating innovative solutions with Smart and Green Technologies. This will create opportunities for local talent with new ideas and attract investment capital to Hawaii-based solutions.
  • Increase community access to high speed broadband
    Telework, telehealth, and distance learning innovations are only as effective as every Hawaii resident’s ability to connect to the internet. We will work to ensure that every child, every employee, and every patient is guaranteed access to critical e-services, regardless of where they live and what they can afford.

Hawaii’s cost of living has gotten out of control. The prices of housing, gas, food, and other essentials are skyrocketing. Young people are leaving our state in alarming numbers, and we can’t attract and retain essential workers like nurses and teachers from other states because Hawaii is simply not affordable.

Keith knows we have to do something to control the rising cost of living in Hawaii now, so working families can afford to live here and our next generation can have a future.

Keith’s plan to lower the cost of living will:

  • Finally pass into law a true living wage and paid family leave
  • Eliminate taxes on food, medicine, diapers, and other essential products
  • Lower the cost of housing for working families