Climate Change & Environment

1. Strong and Immediate Action on Climate Change 

  • Lead the transition to clean energy
    We will assess Hawaii’s energy needs, our opportunities to reduce energy consumption by investing in renewable energy infrastructure, and reduce spending on wasteful energy practices. We will support the transition to solar power on residential rooftops with new incentives.
  • End our dependence on fossil fuels
    We will speed the transition of state vehicles to electric and state buildings and facilities to renewable energy; work with the counties to make more communities accessible by foot, bike, bus, and rail; and continue to expand public charging stations and outlets to increase adoption of electric vehicles.

2. Protect our natural resources 

  • Protect our fresh water
    Water is life and we must do everything we can to protect our water supply for future generations by sustainably managing our forests, increasing the use of recycled water, and protecting our aquifer.
  • Care for our ocean
    Our ocean has sustained our health by nourishing our bodies with food, recreation, and healing. We must look at applying that approach to other beaches so that our oceans can sustain for generations to come.
  • Reduce solid waste
    We cannot have a healthy environment nor people if we are burying our trash in a landfill near residential communities. We must support the counties to adopt new Integrated Solid Waste Management Plans and find innovative solutions to eliminate the need for landfills.
  • Ensure access to our special places
    Whether family gatherings at beach parks, hiking our favorite trail, participating in traditional cultural practices, or enjoying moments of solitude in the forest, access to our special places are slowly being eroded due to overcrowding, safety issues, or poor maintenance. We must maintain these connections and manage access in order for our communities to thrive.