Cleaning Up Corruption

Corruption scandals at the Capitol have shaken our trust in Hawaii’s elected officials. Lobbyists meet in secret with career politicians and bribe them with cash payments to do the bidding of special interests, while they ignore the needs of the people. Progress has stalled on important issues – a culture of corruption has taken over our government, and we need to take it back.

Over the last ten years, the legislature has accomplished almost nothing on the issues that matter most to people in Hawaii – affordable housing, homelessness, the cost of living, climate change, and protecting our environment. They have failed to deliver a true living wage or paid family leave.

Keith is the only candidate for Lt. Governor who is not a career politician or lobbyist, and the only one who does not take money from lobbyists.

Keith is also the only candidate with a real plan to clean up corruption at the Capitol and make state government work for the people again, so we can finally take on big issues like homelessness, affordable housing, and climate change. 

Keith’s plan to clean up corruption will:

  • Impose term limits on legislators
  • Ban fundraising during the legislative session
  • End financial conflicts of interest
  • Require legislators to follow sunshine laws