Affordable Housing

Keith has the strongest affordable housing plan to assist working families struggling with the cost of living and help young people afford to stay in Hawaii.

Keith’s affordable housing plan will:

1. Bring down housing costs for hawaii residents

  • Stop illegal vacation rentals
    Return illegal vacation rentals to residents through aggressive enforcement of existing laws.
  • Tax vacant investor units
    Work with the counties to create effective vacancy taxes so rental homes don’t sit empty.
  • Put housing for Hawaii residents first, not wealthy offshore investors
    Limit permits on new luxury developments on offshore investments, including high-end second homes.
  • Build homes for communities that need them the most and use state lands for affordable rentals
    Build affordable rentals on state lands and create new federal and public-private partnerships to build new rentals for low-income families and kupuna.
  • Encourage new types of housing
    Support efforts to build communal housing that could address the needs and lifestyles of kupuna and low-income families.
  • Continuously meet with individuals, communities, and families to understand their needs
    Create an Office of Community Engagement to proactively build relationships and engage with the people who are impacted most.

2. Stimulate the private sector to build affordable homes

  • Build infrastructure for affordable housing
    Invest in the sewer, water, utility, sidewalks, and road infrastructure so private developers can more quickly come in and build affordable housing units. 
  • Get permits out faster
    Support the hardworking and understaffed employees of the county Departments of Planning and Permitting with builders and developers to make progress on backlogs. Solutions include utilizing technology, hiring additional staff, prioritizing affordable permits, and bolstering inspectors and permits. 
  • Lower the cost to build housing
    Substantially reduce or waive water, sewer, park, and other fees for those developing affordable housing projects. 
  • Rezone land within the urban core to spur development for community needs
    Keep the country country and preserve open space by creating mixed use communities within urban cores.

3. Spur affordable housing construction by investing in physical infrastructure 

  • Build more wastewater infrastructure
    Support the private sector’s ability to build affordable housing units by expanding our sewer capacity, especially within urban cores.
  • Maintain our parks
    Parks are the center of many communities across Hawaii, and are essential to our physical and mental well being. We will invest into the repair, maintenance, and upgrades of facilities around the state.
  • Fix departments of planning and permitting
    Work with the counties to automate and reform the permitting process to allow projects to get through quicker while placing more emphasis on inspection and compliance.